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Saturday, January 23, 2016


In case you are wondering why I am putting the photos and documentation for the Family Quilt posts over here it is to benefit those that are looking at the other posts on limited data or small devices that would make viewing some of the photos or documentation hard to read.

I will be adding various items as I find them as I sort through piles of photos, birth/death/marriage certificates and much more.

As always I will notify you when something pertaining to your particular lineage goes up.

I will be breaking them down by family surname and types of documentation to make easier for other genealogists to pick and choose what they want to look at.

Hopefully I'll be able to label who is in most of the photos.  No guarantees.  If you see a photo marked with someone as a ? and you know who it is please email me or leave a comment here so I can identify the person.

One thing I will be doing is only giving first names in current photos of all living individuals on the blog.  Only the deceased will be given a full name and dates of birth and death.

I use Family Tree Maker for my genealogy files, it allows me to attach photos of the individuals to their family chart, therefore I would ideally like to have at least one photo of anyone in the family tree.

If you have any photos you care to share please send me a digital image of it. If you do not want it on the web please let me know.

Something I would like to point out now so there isn't confusion later.  In early history, much like now much like now sometimes a person doing a registry for different things might not always be able to understand clearly the person speaking for various reasons.  Also the census takers in early US history road from home to home to take the census and would ask whoever was home, be it an adult or child who lived there, where they were born, where their parents were born and when they were born.  The person being asked would often simply guess.

As the census taker asked the question they would make notes, then later that day via candle or campfire light fill in the forms.  Add to it the lack of education of many of the nation and you will find a great difference in dates, names and spellings.  Let's take the two main names of this series.
Poyner as we now spell it I have found as: Piner, Poiner, Poynor, Poinor, Pointer, Pinder, Painter, Poytnez, and many other spellings.  Grandpa Jessie is listed as Jessa in some records.

Then there is the Carney line: Kearney, Corney, Corny, Kierny, Carmy and so forth.  Chesterfield M. Carney has shown up with the first name of Chet, Chester, CM and my personal favorite Cluster.  So when you see records or print outs with the variations of names it's not I can't type (well I do make typos--a lot) but that is the way it is in the record.

Another thing, when you see a name like Sarah "Sally" or Mary "Polly" the name in the quote marks is the person's nickname or aka.

So let's get on with the show!